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Price list
Prices for the services are calculated on individual basis, depending on the means required by the patient for daily coping and the personnel’s workload:  from 400 EUR to 800 EUR.
The service includes:
24 h care service, day-time nursing care service, medical consultation services as required;
Catering 4 times a day (the meals are prepared on-site);
Living room equipment (readiness for telephone and Internet service);
Aids (supporting mobility);
TV (Estonian channels free of charge);
Bed linen (laundering and changing once in 10 days (if necessary, more often));
Laundering of the inhabitants’ own clothes (as required);
Social life-related activities: common events, excursions, reading sessions, meetings (in co-operation with the rural municipality’s day centre for the elderly, the school);
Handiwork (instruction, means, drawing, knitting, various possibilities for handicraft (individual abilities and willingness to participate are taken into account));
Activation under the guidance of rehabilitation nurses (modern rooms, activation and activity therapy means);
For emergency assistance and safety purposes, the building is equipped with nurse call system.
When calculating the price, the person’s need for nursing and care and volume thereof are taken into account: assistance with dressing, eating, physiological processes, movement. The price is also influenced by mental health condition, use of incontinence equipment and medicines.
The price of day centre service is 13 EUR per day. The service is intended for senior citizens with limited ability to look after themselves and cope at home. The service is day-time based, 8 hours. The customers must be delivered by own transport (for the time being).
The service includes:
Catering 2 times a day.
Activation according to individual activation plan.
(Nursing) care as required and according to individual (nursing) care plan. Handiwork based on activity plan (individual abilities and preferences are considered).
Available from April 2011. Number of vacancies according to contract with the Health Insurance Fund. Service cost-sharing 7 EUR per day. Patients are accepted based on doctor’s referral.