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Pilot Project
Pilot Project “Start quality service  in Mäetaguse Nursing Home with conformity expectition and needs to elderly people
Project includes three parts:
Applicant – borough Mäetaguse
Partners – boroughs Iisaku and Illuka
Ida-Viru County Government, NGO Aita Abivajajat - co-operation with Norwegian Local Government Stavanger, Norwegian caring institutions and with Estonian experts in quality and caring areas.

Description and goal of the problem

General problem

Demographic statistic shows permanent tendency in population senescence in Estonia. Because of that grows a number of people, who need elderly people caring service, while with people age growing, depend they more on service and health service. With senescence relate also physiological processes, which bring along people’s less activity and often verge into strong chronic illnesses, which compound everyday subsistence and lessen thereby the quality of life.
Afore described situation elicits ever large need of caring service and bring along necessity to invest into caring cure and welfare service to provide caring service in the period when elderly people can’t be getting along with themselves independent.
At the moment the service for the elderly people, that is offered, has not high quality (with project-incorporated area and in whole Estonia) – suffer the eldery person, his or her affined people and in summary quality of public service.
At the moment Estonia is not covered up with amount necessary caring service. Existing nursing homes are often not enough contemporary. The quality of service suffers in less of resource and in nonexistent standards. Nursing homes are often build on business goals and are not actually orientate to satisfied eldery people needs, but to get benefit. 
The priority of the problem verifies exploration (“ On caring depended the quality of life, the quality of caring and caring management”) that was carried out in 2006 by European Union Commission in five different European countries. During the exploration was found that in Estonia the quality of life of the client is the lowest and its in nurse homes and there being clients of the nurse homes. In the conclusions of the exploration was bad evaluation to the quality of life of the caring cure and caring clients that need to be corrected and it was recommended:
-          To bring caring cure and caring documentation standards in.
-          To work out administrative and depend explorations of clients in caring and caring cure.
-          To put to use standardized methods to assess, dynamically observe and improve the quality of caring and caring cure management.

Direct problem

Circadian caring service of elderly people in south regions of Ida-Viru County in Iisaku, Mäetaguse and Illuka boroughs is inadequate and the quality doesn’t correspond to elderly people’sexpectations.
According to Mäetaguse borough plan is 27,8% of borough population pensioners, in Illuka 31% and in Iisaku 22,4%.

Solution offered with project

Mäetaguse, Illika and Iisaku boroughs have made many years cooperation to build the nurse home. To provide shortage of humane resource and quality was decided to work out corporate service packet for elderly people that should cover the need in all three boroughs and so would give to local governments possibility to provide human valuable, modern and the needs responding service for elderly people in these areas.
The main goal of the project:  the quality of the offered service in Estonia is improved, the satiety of the elderly people and their near people is rise and the subsistence of elderly people is grown and in the wake of this will get well elderly people their caring ability and the quality of life.
In the wake of the pilot project making service packet is modern and is tested, improved and the elderly people needs responding. It is possible to utilize partly and as entirety in other caring institutions in Estonia. Utilizing services in this way maximize its quality and rise satiety of elderly people and their near people. Utilizing services maximize also the percentage of elderly people who can be getting along by themselves independent. With nurse caring service they can be done better with their everyday procedures.
Direct goal of the project: in the cooperation of partners of the project is actuate nurse home of Mäetaguse that offers needs and expectations respective qualified service for elderly people in this area.
In the wake of the project:
1. Is prepared 1 service packet with 5 different subspecies services for elderly people.
Explanation. For servicing is pension service; main caring service; integrated and nurse helping service; hospice service; daily caring service.
Improved quality came from following facts:
a)      Variety of the service: offered are all main services that elderly people need;
b)       Forethought of service’s content:
-          Description of composed services and their methods of implementation in consideration of Estonian and Norwegian implementation experience in caring service.
-          Made is TTA that means project’s partners accepted price list with financial principles.
c)      The quality of offered service is provided:
-          Service offered staff and area public servants got necessary training: for caring workers (20 persons), local government leaders and public servants (15 persons) total 22 modules (184 h) from Estonian and Norwegian trainers.
2.  The services passed through testing period continual counseling by means of Norwegian experts and definition of offered services problems and the way of solution is clear. Additionally were got all necessary tolls to do qualified service in caring elderly people. Developed is modern web-based public system for administrative documents to provide effective management.
3. Comes up successful and sustainable local government + County Government + NGO + Norway partner in cooperation worked out public service which experience can use also other Estonian local governments.
Explanation: cooperation partners are Ida-Viru County south region local governments (Iisaku, Illuka, Mäetaguse),Ida –Viru County Government, Norwegian local government Stavanger (not official partner) and NGO Aita Abivajajat.
Publicizing of the project was happened through local media, was given out informational material (handouts for three groups: elderly people, folks, the general public), was created homepage and project final enterprise (conference), where will be introduce conclusion of the project and where are attract all participators of the project in Estonia and Norway and Ida-Viru county social and caring area workers and leaders.