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Alutaguse Care Centre is located in the heart of the Ida-Viru County, at the Mäetaguse rural municipality, in the small town of Mäetaguse. There are oil shale mines in the northern and central part of the Mäetaguse rural municipality. The territory of the rural municipality is divided between different oil shale mining and exploration fields. Mined areas constitute one-third of the rural municipality's territory (approx. 10,000 ha). In the southern part of the rural municipality, there are woods and swamps belonging to the Alutaguse region, and a part of the Ramsari area of international importance (Muraka ecological reserve).
The territory of the Mäetaguse rural municipality amounts to 285 km². There are three larger settlements in the rural municipality: Mäetaguse, Kiikla and Pagari. Population of the rural municipality amounts to 1,731 inhabitants (2010). In the last few years, the number of inhabitants has increased. Although natural population growth has been negative, it is compensated by migration. The centre of the rural municipality is located in the Mäetaguse small town (population: approx. 600), which is equally accessible for the 20 villages of the rural municipality and is located at the distance of 20 km from Jõhvi, the County centre (
The Care Centre is located in the centre of the Mäetaguse small town, on the edge of an ancient park, in immediate vicinity of the Mäetaguse manor and the Bathing House. In all, 14 buildings of the Mäetaguse manor have survived, of which the manor house houses the rural municipality government and a fireplace hall, exhibition hall, banquet room, and concert hall, as well as manor lodgement available for rent. The renovated stable/couch house now accommodates a hotel and a restaurant, and the Bathing House is located in the former greenhouse. The distillery has been given a new life as well – it currently houses the Community Centre.
The Care Centre is a two-storey modern building (constructed in 2009-2010); the design of the building takes into account the physical and mental special features of senior citizens, their needs and expectations in old age. The plot is separated from the rest of the buildings by the park trees; the view from the building is magnificent.
The Care Centre has been designed with wings leading to three directions and intended to function as separate wards: nursing care, general care, dementia problems, boarding, day nursing care, and short-term care.