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Day nursing/care
The respective service consists of nursing care services provided at the day-time nursing care unit for treatment of patients suffering from chronic diseases or limited functional capability (based on doctor’s prescriptions) and/or for more efficient coping. The patients are present at the centre in the day-time only. By their functional condition, day nursing patients are capable of living at home, but require nursing care, rehabilitation and social welfare services during the day.

The services of this department are intended for patients in stable condition, in whose case significant improvement of the state of health or functionality is not likely, but the objective is adaptation to chronic disease or permanent disability and maintaining/supporting of the ability to cope, thereby ensuring functionality of the family (work, school). The service is focused on maintaining the quality of life in case of patients suffering from physical disability, upon the performance of their daily activities. This includes, if necessary, performance of procedures associated with nursing care, satisfaction of the need for communication among peers, catering, physiotherapy, activity therapy, ensuring hygienic needs. There is no stress, since the customers spend nights at home.